Personal InjuryPersonal Injury 101: How Much is My Case Worth?

July 27, 20160

One of the most common questions we receive from victims injured by the negligence of others involves the value of their claims. In person, and after reviewing a case, we can provide some insight into what compensation may look like. At the outset, however, the answers is always: it depends.

Every accident, injury, and victim is unique, which means it becomes difficult to say how much a claim may be worth without closely evaluating the specific facts and circumstances surrounding an accident and the injuries that occurred. Generally, victims should understand that when a claim is successful, they can recover financial compensation for physical, financial, and emotional damages caused by the accident.

These damages may include:

  • Costs of past and future medical care
  • Lost work earnings and future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Impairment, disfigurement, or paralysis
  • Loss of quality of life

Our civil justice system paves the way for victims injured at the hands of others to recover these damages, but it does not guarantee that you’ll recover what you need or deserve – especially when insurance companies are doing all they can to deny your claim or minimize your payout.

To put yourself in the best position for maximizing the value of your personal injury claim, it is important to work with experienced lawyers who know how to establish fault and liability, deal with insurance companies, and be prepared to pursue a positive recovery via settlement or trial.

At Klenofsky & Steward, LLC, our Kansas City personal injury lawyers are passionate about helping clients turn their lives around after preventable injuries. We know futures depend on full and fair compensation, and we leverage years of experience to maximize the value of our clients’ recoveries. Contact us today if you would like to discuss your case during a FREE consultation.


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Joe and John are excellent attorneys. It was a difficult case at times, But with their professional experience, they pushed through.

His ability is further proven as measured by the successful outcome he was able to achieve for me. Moreover, Mr. Steward has always been accessible and willing to provide ongoing legal advice.

It most definitely was a pleasure working with them.

I am so unbelievably grateful for the hard work he put into my case and for giving my case a chance. He worked countless hours for me and really went the extra mile in getting me more than I could have imagined.

I got everything I needed & much more from my collision accident. Joe did such an amazing job staying right on task. Following up with me to very end.


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