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A spinal cord injury can be a life-altering event, impacting not only the injured person but also their families and loved ones. These injuries often result from various accidents, including car crashes, slip and falls, workplace incidents, and medical malpractice. Spinal cord injuries can lead to severe consequences, such as paralysis, loss of sensation, and chronic pain. Our team recognizes the physical, emotional, and financial toll these injuries can take, and we are committed to advocating for your rights during this difficult time.

At Klenofsky & Steward, LLC, we understand the unique challenges posed by spinal cord injuries. Our knowledgeable attorneys specialize in personal injury law, particularly cases involving spinal cord injuries. We work closely with medical experts, rehabilitation specialists, and accident reconstructionists to build strong cases for our clients. By conducting a thorough investigation and assessing the long-term implications of your injury, we strive to secure the maximum compensation possible for your medical bills, ongoing care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

At Klenofsky & Steward, LLC, we advocate for victims of negligence who have suffered mild, moderate, and severe TBIs. Our mission is to hold negligent parties accountable, secure their victims financial support, and save others from suffering the same harm.

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What Is A Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury (SCI) refers to damage or trauma inflicted on the spinal cord, which is a crucial bundle of nerves extending from the base of the brain down to the lower back. The spinal cord serves as a communication pathway between the brain and the rest of the body, transmitting sensory and motor signals that allow for movement, sensation, and bodily functions. When the spinal cord is injured, the messages sent between the brain and the body can be disrupted, leading to various degrees of impairment or loss of function below the level of injury.

The severity and impact of a spinal cord injury largely depend on the location of the injury along the spinal cord and the extent of damage. Spinal cord injuries are often categorized into two main types:

  • Complete Spinal Cord Injury: This occurs when there is a total loss of sensory and motor function below the level of injury. Individuals with complete injuries may experience paralysis and loss of sensation.
  • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: In this case, some degree of sensory and/or motor function remains below the level of injury. The degree of impairment can vary widely, ranging from partial paralysis to minor sensory deficits.

The consequences of spinal cord injuries can include paralysis (paraplegia or quadriplegia), loss of sensation, impaired bladder and bowel control, altered sexual function, and potential complications like muscle atrophy, respiratory problems, and pressure sores.

Treatment and rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries often involve a multidisciplinary approach, including medical care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, assistive devices, and psychological support. Research into spinal cord injuries and their potential treatments, such as stem cell therapies and neuroprosthetics, continues to advance, offering hope for improved outcomes and quality of life for those affected by these injuries.

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Our legal team will conduct a thorough investigation to gather evidence, review medical records, consult experts, and reconstruct the accident scene if necessary. We will identify all responsible parties, whether they are individuals, corporations, or institutions, and work to hold them accountable for their negligence.

Our firm believes in treating every case with the attention and dedication it deserves. You are not just a case number to us; you are an individual with unique needs and concerns. We tailor our legal strategies to align with your specific circumstances.

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